Swimming Pool

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An access tag is required to access the swimming pool and tennis courts. Please keep track of your access tag from season to season. Additional access tags maybe purchase by contacting Crest Management. 281-579-0761

2021 Pool Access Registration Form

2021 Pool Season Schedule

Please see additional pool information including COVID protocols in place for 2021 on the Documents and Forms page.


Tennis Courts

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Tennis court hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. (the courts lights and gates will be turned off and locked at this time. Please make sure your game is complete before 10:30pm).

Access Cards for the pool also work for the tennis court gates. Please request court access card using the pool tag/card registration form at the link above in the Pool Information section. The form is also available in the Documents and Forms section of this website.


Splash Pad

Parents should be sure to take the following steps, to help prevent drowning and other injuries from occurring on splash pads.

  • Actively supervise your child: For young children under age 5, this means staying within arms’ reach. For older children, it means staying within sight and reach.
  • Teach older children these rules for safe play:
    • take turns with equipment (like faucets, sprayers, and toys)
    • walk, don’t run
  • Have children wear water-appropriate footwear: to prevent cuts and scrapes from foreign material like gravel, which may have collected on splash pad surfaces, non-slip shoes that are safe and comfortable for water play should be worn.
  • Report any broken or damaged equipment to CREST MANAGEMENT 281-579-0761


Two playgrounds are available for residents during open park hours (Dawn to Dusk).


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