Hi Neighbors,

We hope that you and your family are doing well during these unusual times, while we Stay at Home to stay safe from the COVID 19 virus. We see many of you taking the opportunity to take walks in the neighborhood, and still visit with neighbors during the quarantine, and we know that we are all hoping for a return to some more normal routines in the near future.

We want to let you know that there will be changes to the swim season due to the COVID 19 protocols, and directions from State Government and the CDC. We would normally be opening the pool during the first weekend of May, with full hours then starting in June. Our pool management company has been in close contact with us throughout the past month and continues to provide information as they get word on when pools will be able to open, per the Governor’s orders, and under what conditions.The Governor’s orders as of his announcements last week do not include the opening of swimming pools yet. It is for that reason, as well as the necessary Lifeguard training that could not take place yet, that the pool at Oak Park Trails will not be opening just yet. It is our hope that we will be able to open the pool around the first of June, once the Governor gives clearance for swimming pools to open, and then we learn of any guidelines and conditions required for the safety of all swimmers and guests to the pool. We will have further information very soon and communicate information to you as we receive it.

There are a couple of pieces of good news to share. Once we are able to open the pool we have extended the swim season to all weekends in September for Saturday and Sunday swim days. In the past, the Labor Day holiday on the first Monday of September, marked the last day of swim season. We will be trying out this extended season this year, and will see if attendance is such that we make this change for future swim seasons. We will publish a full swim season schedule as soon as we have all the information.

Also, we have installed a new gate access system for both the swimming pool and tennis courts. Our previous gate access system was old and this was a badly needed upgrade. We have already mailed new access cards to anyone that already had one of the old fobs or access cards. Those went out in the mail last week.

The new system also gives us a few options for access devices that are available for everyone. In addition to the traditional access card, there is a waterproof wristband device, also a small disc type device that can adhere to the back of your cell phone. There is also an App for your phone that will provide Bluetooth access to the gates. The card, wristband and disc access devices cost $15.00 each, and the App which will be free.

We have a registration day scheduled on Saturday May 30th from 11AM-2PM. If you do not have an access device yet, or if you want to register for the free App, or purchase one of the other devices, please come by the pool between 11AM-2PM on Saturday.May 30,2020. We will have Board members on hand to assist with registration. Please bring cash or personal checks as payment for any device purchases. Info and application forms will also be posted to the OPT website by mid May. If there is any change to the date of this registration event, we will post it here, as well as the OPT Facebook page, and send an email to all registered emails in OPT. The date of this registration is subject to change.

Thank you for your patience while we are waiting for more information on when we can open the pool and find out the conditions and protocols that need to be in place for everyone’s safety. We are hoping to be able to open the pool for everyone’s summer enjoyment as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please email us at board@oakparktrails.org.

Stay well !

Oak Park Trails HOA Board of Directors

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